THE WIN WITHIN ; Born to succeed!

In this exam titled “life”, every candidate came in with their own set of questions. All are oblivious to the duration, and success happens to be the top grade. Failure is not an option for anyone, an A in life should be the goal. (the INSIDE VOICE)

The human race has come a long way since creation. A new century just dawned and in retrospect, our collective achievements as a race throughout our journey on the planet shows that man was perfectly designed by God to succeed. Having established success as a common ground, I must also bring to bear that success is not a feat achievable in a day. If a recipe book exists for cooking success, I would bet vision and ambition are key ingredients holding down a couple of chapters.


One word sums Vision up, “direction”. Vision here is not the mere ability to sense with the eyes. It is based on God given inspiration and is needed to give direction to your life. A vision is not always about you, rather, it is about sacrificing and meeting the needs of a larger cause. Seeing the end; the bigger picture, right from the onset encompasses the whole idea of having a vision. Complimented by talent or skill as well as unleashing it is what vision brings to the table.


Now, let’s talk about Ambition; the desire for a personal achievement. The foundation and building block of any successful person is ambition. It is the power house, the drive needed for your life goals and is tied to a very strong will and desire to matter. It is the hunger that will always leave you wanting the best and more of it. People with ambition are always blind to challenges even though there might be many staring right at them in the face. I believe it is because of the fervency and eagerness to make things work in the positive. These challenges however small or mighty do not stop them until they achieve what they are gunning for. It’s a “no holds barred” situation.

The mash up

Ambition without vision to tailor it, can lead to destruction. In other words, you are travelling to a place you’ve heard of or probably have high resolution images of without a road map. Equally, vision without ambition can make one stagnant and frustrated. It’s like knowing your destination and how to get there without having the means to. The two go hand in hand. They are the Bonnie and Clyde in a tale of success. When good ambition provides a strong anchor, it allows vision to set sail in the right direction. As young minds, these; vision and ambitions- are the basic prerequisites for fulfilling our God given purposes.


The Russians have a proverb which says “the tallest blade of grass is the first to be cut by the scythe”. There is a lot of truth in this. Wearing your ambition and ideas like a loose hat will get it blown away when there is a strong wind, and you might not even notice it when it happens. It is important to learn how to channel your motives properly and manage your emotions around it. You never know who might be seeking to rob you of your ideas. When the Winklevoss twins first hired Mark Zuckerberg (now C.E.O of facebook) to build their social networking site, Mark never revealed his ambitions to build his own site. It was later on, far too late for the Winlkevoss, that he revealed his true ambition. As to who stole whose idea, doesn’t really matter. Someone was smart. Case closed!


Next on our “to have” list is Determination. It’s essence cannot be downplayed. Being persistent till the end; making lemonades out of lemons, picking yourself  up when you fall, and trying a zillion times is the right spirit when you are on  the road to success. “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination are omnipotent. The slogan ‘press on’ has solved and will always solve the problems of the human race”. President Calvin Coolidge got it right.

When all is said and done…

When all is said and done, divine intervention from God will always be a determining factor. We can have the biggest ambition, be as visionary as possible, and try all our best and still fail. Favour from God is needed every step of the way. The resources are abundant, greatness is within us, but His guidance must also be sought after. Besides He gave it all. Without the Lord, the builders build in vain.

Everyone can make it, believe it! It is a stepping stone to heights unimaginable in life. Rome was not built in a day. It actually took over a thousand years to complete. Enjoy a life of greatness!


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