The one with the girl


I’ve been stealing, yes I’m being honest here. I’ve been stealing glances at you all day. I hope you noticed. In fact that was the idea; getting you to notice. Most guys would walk up to you with one cheesy pick up line (two if the need be). But I haven’t. And you are probably wondering why a dreamy guy such as myself is being a coward.
Hmm.. do you want to hear the gospel truth? (like my dad usually says). It’s not because I’m shy .. or because my mof die oo… No, far from that. It has more to do with your side of the story.
You know what I dreaded?–I feared you might say things that scream “im not that deep… I’m pretty shallow… Hashtag; I lost a Twitter follower today… Forward Slash money rules the world ,and I’m the Do-you-have-a-six-pack kinda girl” … while I stared at you unperturbed because your beauty clouds my judgement. It scared me like Shaggy seeing the shadow of Scooby doo’s tail when I thought about that. In a few seconds my mind raced through a lot.
What if things graduate from “hi” to a proposal (not a marriage one) . A year from now I wouldn’t want to hear about how annoyed you and your girlfriends are because the mall is crowded nowadays with SHS couples from vacation classes. We could talk about something more worthwhile; like how me loving you is a decision (a choice I made and still sticking with) and not a feeling. A feeling that could die tomorrow because it’s anchored by how great your body looks today; the kinda love well portrayed in your Korean series.
So you see, it’s not that simple like it seemed this morning when you pretended I wasn’t in the room and yet stuck arround to see if I would make a move.
Turning heads everytime you walk by doesn’t matter a thing oo…What does is whether you can challenge the minds in the heads you turn with yours.
My dear, that would be beautiful! Then I would be a little intimidated. Not that I have to be, but that would put any X-Y chromosomed human on their toes in attempt to reach your classic standards.
Maybe I expect too much but that’s just me. I’d love a girl with a beautiful brain. Not one whose self esteem is as low as her neckline.
All the same, I’m not supposed to judge a book by its cover. I’d have to talk to you to know you but my phobia keeps coming back arround like a chorus.


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