Famifest 2015 was mind blowing! NO scratch that! FAMIFEST 2015 was MIND BLASTING !!! It was a Spirit-filled-ground-shaking event, right from the first beam of the stage lights to the last dance move by C.A.D. Campus Christian Family really raised the bar on the Saturday evening. The organisation was spot on and the turn out was great. Streamline Productions also lived up to the billing, providing great sound and lighting that gave the event a fourth dimension in the physical.

Family Praise, Family Choir and C.A.D, the main vessels on the night, made the “Love Revolution” night a real encounter with Jesus, and a memorable one at that. With jaw-dropping renditions of popular songs like Israel Houghton’s “It’s not over” and Kari Jobe’s “Forever” among many great others, the Great Hall had no option than to stand in awe at the sight of great talents manifesting God.

25 years of the CCF’s existence was celebrated in grand style and has got us all itching to know what this great fellowship has got up its sleeve in the coming years. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CCF!!! Also, happy 26th birthday to Mr. Ernest Amoah (current CCF president). He is a blessing to the church. All praise belong to the Most High!!!



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