Time Machine

See, like Audemars with wings I’ve seen how time flies
And cos time is money, its been riding I’m first class
Trapped in an hourglass we sink in the sands of time
But there’s no need to struggle, you couldn’t stop it if you tried

When today was tomorrow a couple of days hours ago,
Yesterday was today, and thought it would never go
So I got you thinking, in a loud silence, hear the tick tocks
Pondering… If your direction is told by a vane, what if the wind stopped?

Pick a lane, you need to, all we need is change
Press pause, re-evaluate, “am I in control of life’s game?”
If the picture ain’t perfect why would I need a frame
Begin to create your own universe, where mad men remain sane

Captain your own ship, and keep only pirate flags
Seize the day and burn all the white ones
Without them in your cabin, explain how you’ll surrender
The world is your stage, make us applaud your recital.

(in no way was this an attempt to sound like a poem, any resemblance is purely coincidental)


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