I woke up without an alarm again. According to my laptop it’s 2:12 am and I will hear a pin drop if it did, because everyone else is in dreamland. Even though it seems odd, beyond what optical eyes can see I’m of the deepest conviction that it’s for a purpose. I’m fully awake but I promise to keep this short.

In about 5 hours, Sunday service will be underway. It is a “Dress-down slash Praise service”. Dress-down service simply means we are not Kaba and slitting our way to church today. Yes, all I need is a cool shada and camboo, plus a 2 cedi handkerchief (the ones that can properly dab sweat) for a personal dress code. Praise services at Campus Christian Family do not record a dull moment. Never! When we say “Praise”, we mean it to the core. I’m talking no chairs to hinder us-lets sweat profusely as we no dey shy wona body-type dancing all to the glory of our King. This semester, I don’t want to be left wanting more so I will be sure to pour out every dance move that comes to mind; from Harlem shakes to Adowa.

There are a lot of reasons to praise His name (not that there needs to be a reason), and it is impossible to think less of any gracious extension of His love towards us. Reflecting on how God came as Jesus to die in our stead with the aim of reconciling us all back to Himself is enough motivation to give Him endless praise. It is the greatest show of love towards humanity, and being a believer in Jesus and his finished work on the cross, I cannot help but appreciate His continual goodness and mercies. So whether I get to buy that 2 cedi handkerchief on my way to church or not, the buggie down is STILL on.

Everything that has breath must praise God. I guess that includes whoever is reading this piece. Make noise, loose your voice, shake the body that Jesus gave you. All in praise! Shyness is for Sunday school boys and girls. I wish I could share more on Sunday school but like I promised I’m keeping this as short as possible.

If you’ve got more papers to write like me, ace them! But if your holidays have already begun, start reading a book. We need some quiet.  🙂



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