In gathering momentum for this post, I contemplated on a lot. After taking an unorthodox break, the plan was to come back with something really special. So I thought of putting the past year in retrospect. You know, putting highlights of 2015 together for a re-union on the inside voice just so readers will recap what was just made history and smile. But that didn’t make the cut for opening the new year because most blogs have already done that and I dare to be different. “Why do 40 cedi VIP buses always get full before far more cheaper ones? …(not those crappy 207 buses) Are Ghanaians not being genuine when they scream “hard times”? Or my people just love quality and comfort. Neoplan stations are confused and need an answer soon.” I thought.

I could discuss transportation but I really couldn’t  help but go all Kwame Sefa Kayi on this one. I’m talking politics today and majorly about Ghana’s decision on who gets to stay in the Flagstaff house this November.  Politically, I’m homeless. (fyi: Im not J witi; I’ll donate blood if you really need it 🙂. It’s just that personally, I believe that exercising your franchise shouldn’t be like supporting your team at a football match where no matter how bad your team has been all season, you still give your best cheer. Neither am I saying that voting for a candidate should be based on who’s manifesto has the best grammar. My decision will always be based on merits acquired due to success attained at a lower level of administration and how convicted I am of a candidate’s trustworthiness. It will never be because of ethnicity or who’s got purple in their party colours.

The two political giants in this country have given us nothing shy of what they’ve served us in the past. It is still the same old “twe ma me ntwe” without spelling out where we are headed as a people. I know that every administration has challenges, so it is not strange to see President Mahama face some. But how these challenges are tackled is the real ordeal. In the President’s new year address, he expressed his appreciation for the tolerance and support of Ghanaians in the past year. I’ve thought about it and I’m confused as to whether that part of his speech was just observing courtesy or was really a heartfelt gratitude for a citizenry that delivered backlash for an entire year. At least for lack of harder evidence, “dumsormuststop” and “Mahama” were massive twitter trends. If our president doesn’t see things the way we do, then he must be listening to the wrong voices and reviewing the wrong economy. There are claims of artificial growth in the economy. By artificial, I mean figures associated with all the big economic terminologies. But on the contrary, in real life the average Ghanaian complains of not seeing any development. These complaints could be justified or not, but it doesn’t really matter. Thumbs will decide whether this administration is retained or replaced with another.

I’m running out of political terms but I still have the gut to advice the opposition. Entering an election year, what should be paramount are making ideologies known and giving better critique of the ruling party. Enough of the acid pouring, clean politics can win power. Whether Paul Afoko wins in court or not, still get your act together. (Paul Afoko is the suspended National Chairman who feels he’s been treated unfairly by the New Patriotic Party heads). Many people love political drama, but this is not the time for friendly fire. If everyone wants the good of the nation, then all efforts should be directed at giving Ghanaians the opportunity of making a good democratic decision after careful scrutiny of equally good choices from individually unique political factions.

We are still learning the principles of being democratic and that is a thumbs up. At least we are learning with the hope of getting it right one day. Ghana decides in November, let’s all make sure it’s a good one.



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