KATANGA ; love or hate?

Whenever I’m asked the question “which hall are you affiliated with?”, answering “University hall” never quite gets the question answered for me even though that’s the truth. I’ve always felt that answering “Katanga” painted the perfect picture. It still carries a lot of weight and an interesting aura even though I don’t live there anymore.

Whether for dramatic effect or not, being situated almost in seclusion (considering the fact that the rest of the traditional halls are geographically closer to each other) hasn’t stopped the all-male hall from making all the waves it has made over the years. The ever heated rivalry with Unity hall, the Friday evening morale sessions and the very unconventional annual hall week celebrations have all contributed to the different scope through which the whole university views all Katangees. Honestly, I really do not know if we are deeply loved or hated by everyone else. Because even though the hall keeps the school interesting, it can be very annoying sometimes. When boys dress up as girls and parade around campus, that is cool, but when we bring our morale sessions to your door step especially when you are tired on a Friday night and need some rest, you wouldn’t take that lightly.

On the good side, Katanga minus all the foolery is a great place to start building a CWA. The hall has housed some of the best students the university has produced. It is heartwarming to know that “fellows” still love their books in spite of all the weird extra-curricular activities. Another upside is the fact that there is no stranger in Katanga. All “fellows” are naturally brothers. There is such a great brotherly bond whether inside or outside the walls of the hall. It is such great solidarity that would make any Katangee, whether alumni or not, overlook all of our flaws and stand proud a “fellow”.

It is such an interesting twist when any fresher ends up falling in love with a hall they never chose in the first place. “You did not choose us, we did!”, one final year student rubbed in my face at our fresher’s orientation. It’s one of those days you can never forget. In my own personal experience, I didn’t like the idea at first, but I got over it. Eventually everyone does at some point. Singing the Hall anthem “word for word” when you thought you would never learn how to do so is a sign that you are definitely in love with University Hall. If you think licking your elbow is hard, try hating the heart of KNUST when you live there.

You need to have a first-hand experience to be able to understand the mind of a “fellow”. We don’t mean to brag but there are only two halls in KNUST, Katanga and the rest!

If you have any thoughts on Katanga, you can also share them in the comment box. #k)k)) oo k)k))



2 thoughts on “KATANGA ; love or hate?

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  1. katanga has and will always be a hall with great remarks… the hall were intellectuals are chosen,where all fellows are brothers.
    #Katanga Solidarity…


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