VODAFONE; power to you?

So I started believing in the mythical writer’s block until ECG’s blackout put my mind on a compelled thinking spree. What I needed to release the Kraken had been staring right at me the whole time.  Four words; Vodafone is a joke!

Vodafone subscribers had a mini rapture experience when airtime begun disappearing. Balances read GHC 0.00, and that was the genesis of our horrors. “Oh it will get better” I thought, until I could neither make calls nor bundle for internet service. This has been the case for close to two weeks and it doesn’t seem to get any better.
I’ve called customer care several times and the only tune every one of them keeps singing is “we are having an upgrade”. *chipmunk voices* “Upgrade s3 s3n?” For a whole week?  Do you know what your useless service is costing us?  Do you know the number of lives that may have been lost because of your shenanigans? Ad3n aa upgrade!

Okay, fine, let me cut Vodafone some slack. Let’s say your “upgrade” story is true. How many days do you think it will take Vodafone UK to undertake such an upgrade? And even if it takes so long a time, do you think it will have such a big toll on customers even if the so called upgrade were to take place during productive hours of the day?

Information I gleaned from research establishes that Vodafone Ghana and Vodafone UK are both subsidiaries of Vodafone Group; a British multinational telecommunications company which happens to be the world’s second largest. Vodafone Ghana which used to be Ghana Telecom, in 2012 (three years after rebranding) recorded a 31.5% increase in service revenue on the back of strong growth in customer base and successful brand positioning. This was before the introduction of Vodafone red and youth targeted Vodafone X (don’t even want to get started on that scam). One can only imagine the billions of dollars they are making, six years down the line. But guess what over 2 million subscribers get in return? A weak and unreliable service! One that clearly proves that Vodafone Ghana is more concerned about syphoning our monies than spending a good portion of their returns on improving the quality of service. Focusing on the latter would have set them extremely apart by now, making them more reliable and trust worthy.


The red experience has turned pale and thousands of subscribers will be lost. This could be worse than in 2014 where there was a 70, 000 decline in the number of subscribers. As much as I am pissed, I also really wish someone would put excellence and deliberate diligence into their business. We seriously need that everywhere in this country.

Ps. To someone who knows someone who knows someone…

Aha! One last thing Vodafone needs to know. Please return all the airtime you’ve stolen in this period because it’s not yours! Keeping it would be adding insult to injury. Some people will never forget like my friend Sammy who is waiting for the GHC 4.00 airtime you stole on 6th March. I’ve been trying to kill his vim but he still believes he’ll receive it one day through mobile money with added compensation. Prove me wrong.


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  1. The telecos in Ghana all the same to some extent. The services they provide are unsatisfactory but our authorities are simply looking on whiles customers are taken for a ride!

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