#myPLAYLIST: NF, Therapy Session

“Anybody sleeping on me, better do something better with your eyelids”. – NF

Following Mansion in 2015 (his first studio album), NF released his second studio album on the 22nd of April, the same day Efya’s Janesis came out and boy am I impressed? The fourteen track album is a masterpiece. After listening to Therapy Session today, I’m very glad to be a hardcore fan. Anyway, I’m not overly surprised at the class of the project cos I know that hommie can spit.

For most rap music lovers, Eminem will be first person you are likely to identify NF with. NF personally reveals listening to Eminem while growing up on Statement (track 12 of Therapy Session) and that pretty much explains why both rappers possess similar deliveries.

In spite of the resemblance of rap style with the hip-hop legend, it is still quite easy to put NF in a category of his own highlighted by a uniqueness in character and a genuine music sense. There is a certain seriousness with which he approaches the rap game and music in general. Personally, I think it is the communication of the confident personality he exudes and his sense of direction that keeps me and most people glued to his work.

If you are into good music, then you shouldn’t miss out on this one. I guarantee you becoming a hardcore NF fan after a journey through 14 tracks of real music.

As a rapper myself, Nate Feuerstein is one of few rappers who challenge me mentally to write deeper bars and make my lyrics mean something without having to accept the tags society tries to put on anybody who wants to be a square peg in a round hole.

Favorite track: 10. Grinding. (cos Social Club’s Marty is on it)


DOWNLOAD Therapy Session.


Let me know your thoughts on NF’s Therapy Session.



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