SET SAIL; invincible us

I’m not one for huge birthday parties. I thanked God for life and enjoyed beans and korkor  on my last one, it wasn’t even home-made. Everything cost me like 2 cedis 50 pesewas. That day, mom wished me a happy birthday and like most ceremonial wishes I replied with the obligatory “thank you”. My dad didn’t say anything. I don’t think he forgot. He just didn’t plan to but I didn’t make a fuss about it and the reason is simple. I return the favour when it’s his turn to play birthday boy and he doesn’t mind. My dad really doesn’t celebrate anniversaries and holidays (FYI he isn’t Joe Witi).

If that gene was passed on, my mom must have modified the gene code. Even though I don’t throw a pity party when my friends forget to wish me “a happy birthday”, I do my best to wish them on theirs because I know what it means to most people. Sometimes I purposely ask birth dates so I can schedule them on my phone or just allow Facebook do the magic. Zuckerberg’s website will also confirm that three weeks after my graduation from KNUST in July, I would have completed my 23rd revolution around the sun. I’m very excited and it’s not because there’s going to be a party. Not at all. Life as I have known it to be for over 2 decades will be ushered into a whole new dimension and I don’t want to be on the list of people who missed life’s memo when it was sent around. 

Before conception, God graced me with great potentials. However, these seeds of greatness come with great responsibility and in as much as I want to see the purpose for which I was formed come to life, virtually nothing will materialize if the loaded ship never leaves port with all its valued cargo. By the 27th day of July, I should be poised to leave the comfort of being anchored at port. I should be ready to set sail into the world, with all its vastness, complicated storms and pirate ships. These, I know cannot be overpowered by how well prepared I am for the journey. If there’s anything that I have learnt in my walk with God, it’s the fact that the same grace that has kept and prepared me is the same grace that’ll compass me to my destination. See, God has got it all covered and that keeps fueling my excitement for what the future holds.

We have been taught to be skeptical about what tomorrow looks like. Spending our formative years in Africa I agree hasn’t made things any easier on us. It contributes to why a gloomy future is an easy buy for us. Truth be told you, we can only get so far with our own efforts and that is why I believe we all need help, supernatural help.

The world presents a game whose rules make no room weaknesses. But hear the good news, we have a Heavenly Father whose presence makes us literally invincible. This conviction has gained some depth in my heart. It makes me view the world through a whole new lens, something that was alien to me a few years ago.

The world also pitches “you are on your own”, but I say otherwise; you are not on your own. We have never been. GOD’S GOT YOUR BACK! Believe this and watch your favoured potentials take you to heights unimaginable. God is a gentleman, he waits for all to leave port. Set sail!

God has BLESSED you!

You cannot win a game that keeps playing itself. – Christon Gray


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