Trapped in the wilderness we have wandered for ages
With buckets we fetched from the ocean and left our own country
Home is lost in sight but its memories never die
We say we miss home, we cry it’s a long way back
So fables we buy, well dressed in the King’s fury
Now all hope is dead and buried
And we live everyday dreading our last.

Blind men can’t see truth if it stared in the face
We cut our own tongues and ask why we don’t taste
Wailing we will, for grief swallows the nation
Our cups have run dry so we yearn for the ocean
We say it’s a long way back, we cry we miss home
Then fables undress, our eyes lit with truth
Our nakedness unveiled, the King’s love revealed

He wipes our tears and we smile within
We will leave our buckets and sail with Him
Hope has come alive, our tombstone shredder
Once shackled in fear, twice we say never
Asking room for us all is like a dessert’s flood
There’s room for us all
The fare He paid in blood.


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