Guest Writer: Endesha Serwaa (Petroleum Engineer)

​Apart from diamonds, I daresay that heels are the average girl’s bestfriend. They add a certain touch of class to an outfit giving the wearer a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. But, ask any avid heel lover and they’ll tell you that beauty comes with a price; that price often in the pain of bunions, swollen and aching feet after a few hours of wearing those beautiful but killer five or six inches!

So what’s a girl to do now? Do we spend the rest of our lives in ballet flats, slippers and sneakers, or do we brave out the pain in the name of beauty and fashion? In this piece, I will attempt to offer advice on what kind of heel to wear especially pertaining to our various body shapes. Hopefully, we can save our knees, legs and back a lot of future stress and pain.

Before I move on, the key word here is modesty. There is absolutely no sense in hurting your feet just so you’re dressed to kill. If not, the term “dressing to kill” might actually live out its name! 

Also, you need to know that choosing the right heel is dependent on so many factors, but the essential ones are what I am going to expound in this article.

In view of this, lets heel up!

If you have a lot of CURVES, then heels with curves such as peep-toed heels (those pretty ones where only your big toe and maybe two other toes “peep” through at the front) and round-toed heels will work best.


If you have a lot of EDGES and ANGLES, that is, an ANGULAR body then you can work with wedges and pointy-toed heels. But get those that have nice embellishments on them and don’t overdo.


If you’re a HEAVY sister, stilettos are a big NO-NO! The pressure of your weight on those thin heels will give you knee and back issues. Go instead for pumps and wedges that have solid heels so they can support your beautiful frame. Also go easy on the length of heels; you could set your personal limit at three inches.


wedged heels for a heavy sister

SLIM or THIN ladies should choose heels according to the length and size of their legs.

For slim but long legs, DO wear T-straps and ankle straps; they make your legs look shorter by breaking the line of vision from your toes to the knees. Pointy shoes are a no-go as they make your already slender long legs look even longer.


However, if you have short slim legs, then open-toed, peep-toed and nude heels are the thing for you. They make your feet longer by giving the illusion of extra height. Pointy-toed shoes work the same way. Do not go for T-straps or ankle straps because they’re a lot less flattering on short legs.

nude heels for short slim legs

If you’re of any body type but you are endowed with thick calves and ankles (the kind Ghanaian men die over!) then wedges and pumps are very flattering on your legs. Try to avoid ankle straps as they place a lot of attention on your ankles.

Now, pretty ladies out there, if you have WIDE FEET pointy-toed shoes are a NO-NO! Why? Because you’ve probably noticed with experience that they tend to squeeze your feet especially around the toe area which is very uncomfortable. Wear round-toed or T-strap heels (wear T-straps only if you’re tall as well or have long legs!). They give your toes ample space, are the most comfortable option and give you a cute vintage look.

round-toed for wide feet.

pointy-toed, not for wide feet.


Finally, we come to the OCCASION. It’s crucial that we know the right heel for the right event. For example it is not advisable to wear stilettos to a function that is being held on a lawn or on a beach; your heels will just sink into the soft earth and walking could be quite unbearable. It’s always good to have a fair idea of the function so that the right heel is chosen.


One last tip for all heel wearers. It goes without saying that before stepping out in your gorgeous heels, you have to break into them, especially if they’re new pairs. So walk around in your heels some hours before stepping out so your feet get acquainted with the new feel and change in height. This is also very helpful because if you start experiencing pain within 30 minutes to an hour of wearing, it gives you a fair idea of how wrong the shoe is for you and then you can change them in time.
Hopefully, this has given us a good idea for what heels suit our feet best. Be they pumps or gladiators, your heels should be comfortable and classy. They are to die for; but let us choose wisely so that when we’re about fifty, our bodies won’t pay for our 25-year old mistakes. 
*I enter the room applauding*

Wow! Thanks a billion times Miss Endesha Serwaa. I got schooled man!

 My readers will surely love this (well.. maybe just the girls and the curious  and concerned boyfriends).

You know… I had to take some time off writing to work on my mixtape. It’s been time consuming and the “Inside Voice” was on drought. But thanks to Endesha, y’all have something to hold on to till I get back. Im blessed to have good writer friends who got my back. 💪
With anigye.


My favorite (like I wear heels bi aa ma)..



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