BEYOND BARS mixtape released.

Yesterday, I finally released my mixtape! Beyond Bars being mixed and mastered by yours truly isn’t the only reason the project will forever remain dear to me. Honestly, producing such a descent body of work with the make shift resources available to me just proves how the hand of God present in any endeavour provides overwhelming results.

I intend to write exclusively on the mixtape; reviews and all the juicy ‘behind the scenes’ specially on another blogpost. But today, I’m only sharing my music, something I passionately do besides blogging.

Working on Beyond Bars took a great chunk of my time. This absolutely affected my blogging consistency but I know that y’all still cool. Aren’t ya? Well, at least I get to finally share the good news of great music with the blogging community and all my cherished readers as well.

I hope y’all don’t get confused when you see Nhemy smeared all over the mixtape. It’s still moi tryna work a cool stage name. (I’ll surely get into the nitty gritty of that as well on the Inside Voice.. soon enough). It’s really hightime I united both identities; writer me versus rapper me for everyone to experience the blessed package in totality.

So here it goes. I personally present to you….

BEYOND BARS (the mixtape)

Track list:

1. 32 Prisons

2. Real Passion

3. Only Way ft. Sane

4. And He freestyles?

5. 25 Gold Chains

6. Born King

7. New Slave (Rom 8:16)

Download BEYOND BARS @ RepJesus Entertainment

Listen/Download BEYOND BARS on Soundcloud

30 and Up 1986 – Sho Baraka


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