It’s still on!

Vrooom! A black Lamborghini pulls up.
Cut to number plate.

Plate inscription : “In Jesus’ name”
In slow motion.

Bismark Osei and his alter ego Nhemy, step out wearing black leather jackets and sunglasses in Will Smith – M.I.B fashion.
Camera flashes from a dozen paparazzis. Reporters pounce flooding them with questions.

Reporter: INSIDEvoice.. Any thoughts on 2017 ?
Bismark: (smiles. To Nhemy) Take this?
Nhemy: Yeah.. (takes off shades, dead serious look. To reporter) still… Game on!
They both enter the office building trailed by the questioning reporters.
To be continued… 

Hi everyone. It’s 2017.. And it’s still Game on!  My sincere gratitude goes out to all the special readers out there who continue to make INSIDEvoice a success. I pray for God’s blessings in all your endeavours. Stay glued as this year brings us the best of experiences and more interesting entries on your favourite blog.
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