Album Review: THE NARRATIVE by Sho Baraka

The  Narrative is just beautiful. It's a creative masterpiece; a great narrative on black history and culture; a 14 track buffet of learning, art and activism; an embodiment of poise and wisdom communicated through a true and absolute worldview.

BEYOND BARS mixtape released.

Yesterday, I finally released my mixtape! Beyond Bars being mixed and mastered by yours truly isn't the only reason the project will forever remain dear to me. Honestly, producing such a descent body of work with the make shift resources available to me just proves how the hand of God present in any endeavour provides overwhelming... Continue Reading →


Guest Writer: Endesha Serwaa (Petroleum Engineer) ​Apart from diamonds, I daresay that heels are the average girl’s bestfriend. They add a certain touch of class to an outfit giving the wearer a certain 'je ne sais quoi'. But, ask any avid heel lover and they’ll tell you that beauty comes with a price; that price... Continue Reading →

Try New Things

People gasp uncontrollably the moment they hear me say that I'm not a meat person. Worse is the confusion I bring when I add that I cannot resist fish, eggs, and deep fried chiccken; the very reason I cannot call myself a partial vegy (plus I enjoy thinking of strict vegetarians as Tree-huggers).  My weird... Continue Reading →

The Boys Are Not To Blame.

We had sex! Remember? You and I did it raw in an agreed darkness. Am I still to blame? Ei Bisiwaa, do I wear this cap of inaccurate accusation when the whole world knows how a woman gets pregnant?


Countless graveyards remain rich,  Rich in the remains of great men; A people unled, songs unsung, books unwritten. Trash bags house the ashes of cremated dreams. Men surely live on, all dreams don't. Awakened by the ghosts of empty biographies, emptied I must leave. "It is finished" on the tombstone. A purpose fulfilled life, Lord... Continue Reading →


After waiting for close to an hour, the trotro finally got full. Unfortunately, my discomfort was just about entering another phase. Another preacher was about to make a journey an unbearable one. For the record, I love a good sermon, I don’t hate listening to the word of God. But I sure don’t cheerlead a... Continue Reading →


Trapped in the wilderness we have wandered for ages With buckets we fetched from the ocean and left our own country Home is lost in sight but its memories never die We say we miss home, we cry it’s a long way back So fables we buy, well dressed in the King’s fury Now all... Continue Reading →

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